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Cart Golf Bags : The Complete Guide 2024

Cart golf bag

Cart golf bags – for those who enjoy the ride! Larger & heavier, they offer the most storage because all the weight is carried by the golf cart it sits on. The disadvantage of a Cart bag is they literally don’t have a leg to stand on!

Quick Read

  • Cart Golf bags offer the ultimate in storage. Pockets for everything you need!
  • They have special strap pass-through sections and a stable base to stay attached to the back of a golf cart or trolley.
  • The two main disadvantages are the increased size and no stand.
  • If you want to ride in a cart or push a trolley and never want to walk, get a Cart bag. If you need the option to walk a little, get a Hybrid bag. If you want to walk a lot, get a Stand bag.
  • Find out How to choose a Golf Bag in my 2024 complete guide.

What is a Cart Golf Bag?

In the 1950s, the invention of Golf Carts meant you no longer needed to carry your clubs!
Companies started to design cart-friendly bags that could fit securely on the carts – the Cart Bag!

Key Features:

  • Maximum Storage: All the storage you need – balls, tees, clothing, and refreshments.
  • Attaches securely – to the Golf Cart via special pass-through straps that protect the rest of your bag from wear & tear. They also attach to a Push Cart/trolley.
  • Easy access – to all your 14 clubs with full-length dividers common too for those jumbo grips.
  • Pockets are forward-facing – good for getting your stuff out!

When to Consider in a Cart Golf Bag:

  • If you’re a golfer who uses a Golf Cart or a Push Cart to get around the course.
  • If your course has long distances between greens and tee boxes.
  • When you want or need maximum storage for all 14 clubs and all the extra equipment.

If you will occasionally walk 9 or 18 holes, consider a Hybrid golf bag instead.

Key Features of Cart Golf Bags

Cart Bags are designed to carry everything you would need for a round of golf.

Storage Capacity

Cart bags will typically have pockets on the front and both sides. None on the back side as this fits against the back of the cart. Think of all you may need to carry – 14 clubs, an umbrella holder, a beer can holder, rain gear, a rangefinder, your phone, keys, a ball retriever, and lots of balls!

14-way or 15-way dividers

Having a space for each of your clubs will stop them from bashing together, especially if you have full-length dividers. Why do you need a 15-way divider? For your alignment stick, swing trainer, umbrella, or even a ball retriever!

Shoulder Strap System

You still need a strap with good padding to carry your cart bag from the car to the course!


Ideally, two near the top and one at the bottom, as you will be lifting a very heavy bag out of the car.

Choosing the Right Cart Golf Bag

So, Cart bags all offer great storage, hold 14 clubs, and all fit nicely on the back of a golf cart or onto a Push Cart, so which one do I choose?


The average weight of a Cart Bag is 6 to 7 lbs (Stand bags – 3 to 5 lbs).
You still need to carry the bag from the car to the course or push the bag if on a trolley.
One of the lightest cart bags is the Cobra Ultralight at 5 lbs and the Datrek DG Lite II at only 4.3 lbs.

Base Stability

Is the base stable and flat enough to allow the bag to stand up straight on the back of a golf cart? Some, like the Sun Mountain Sync, have an anti-twist oval base.

Material and Durability

As with all golf bags, there will be differences in materials. A cheap golf bag may last several years, but one made with good durable materials will last longer and look better during that time as well. Will your bag stand up by itself, or is it a little too flimsy?


You can never have enough pockets! Zippers, velcro, or even the latest Magnetic pockets for your rangefinder.
Store as much as you like with pockets of all sizes, but choose what type & size is best for you.
Do you need larger pockets for clothing or smaller pockets for your valuables? Maybe a large pocket for your balls?! The PIng DLX has 15 pockets and also holders for your shoes at the rear!

Dividers & Top Design

7-way, 14-way, or 15-way dividers and separate putter wells. All different ways to arrange and organize your clubs. The Ogio woode top design separates your woods into a ‘power row’ – away from your irons to protect them and makes it easier to find the club you are looking for.

Pass through channels

Look for a bag with a pass-through section that allows the golf cart strap to slide through so it secures your bag to the cart without restricting access to a pocket.

Color & Design

Do you prefer to be understated with a classic black bag or want to express your personality – hello there … Ogio!

Brand and Budget

Budget for $300, although one of the most expensive Taylormade Signature bags will cost you $450. Datrek has some good value bags, such as the Datrek DG Lite II, which still has a 14-way divider currently on sale at only $160.

Best Cart Golf Bags

Some of the best cart golf bags below have magnetic range finder pockets, special pass-through strap protection sleeves, and hidden shoe holders!


ModelWeightTop DividersNotable Features
Ogio 2024 All Elements Silencer Cart Bag7 lbs15-wayQuiet Please! Silencer Technology top. Unique color designs!
Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag8.45 lbs15-wayThe Leather & Luxury option!
Sun Mountain C-130 2024 Cart Bag6.9 lbs14-waySun Mountain’s best-selling cart bag is designed to “work optimally on a riding cart” – a good strap pass-through system. with 13 pockets.
Ping DLX cart bag7.5 lbs15-wayHidden shoe holders at the rear of the bag! Magnetic rangefinder pocket at the front. 15 pockets including one magnetic one.
Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag7 lbs14-wayLow rider technology – optimized for push carts.
Titleist Cart 156.5 lbs15 wayMagnetic rangefinder pocket for quick and easy access.
Cobra Ultralight Pro Cart Bag5 lbs14-wayLightweight and still has a magnetic pocket.
Datrek DG LIte II Cart Bag4.2 lbs14-wayIt is lightweight, good value, and still a 14-way full-length divider. There are only 7 pockets, though.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Your Cart golf bag is expensive, and you want it to look good on the back of your cart!


Luckily, your cart bag will spend most of its life on the cart and not on the grass. It is still good, however, to give it a regular clean to prevent dirt and grime build-up and keep it looking good. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap, and use a soft brush for tougher areas. If you clean the zippers with a small brush, it will remove debris that could cause jamming.


Choose a cool, dry place to avoid mold and mildew. It’s also important to empty all pockets and open them to air out too. Do not store your bag directly on concrete, as it may absorb moisture and promote deterioration.


Do repair your bag if you can rather than buy a new one. If you find small tears or a broken zipper, they can be fixed too.

Cart Golf Bag Accessories

Look at this video to see how many accessories you fit in your hybrid bag!

Rain Covers

A rain cover – many hybrid golf bags include a built-in rain cover, but you can purchase one separately if your bag doesn’t come with one. Look for covers that are quick & easy to deploy in case of a sudden rain shower, and also check for a snug fit to avoid water seeping in.

Cooler Pockets

Insulated cooler pockets to keep your beverages cold throughout the round. Check they don’t leak to avoid balls or clubs smelling of beer!

Accessory Pouches

Consider adding accessory pouches to your bag. These pouches are great for holding your golf gloves, balls, tees, and other small items. Opt for pouches with secure closures like zippers or Velcro to keep your belongings safe.

Trends in Cart Golf Bag Design

Hybrid Golf bags are relatively new, so there are exciting changes each season. For 2024 look out for :

  • Weight: Manufacturers are reducing the weight of hybrid bags while still maintaining durability.
  • Organization: look out for 15-way full-length dividers & larger putter wells for less-tangled clubs.
  • Club Organizers with Magnetic locks – Vessel now have small magnets at the top of each club slot, which lock each club in place so they don’t rattle!
  • Magnetic pockets – such as Ogio ‘rapid snap access pockets‘ give quick & easy access and automatic closing – good for the rain.
  • Comfort: Padded straps as you still need to carry your bag to the course!
  • Access: Easy-to-access forward-facing pocket configurations.
  • Chilled beer cans! Look out for large insulated chiller pockets that can keep four cans of beer cool!
  • GPS – look out for this soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out How to choose a Golf Bag in my 2024 complete guide.

Why should I choose a Cart golf bag?

Storage, Stability, and Snacks! Cart bags are the most stable on a cart with their flat rubber base and have the most storage for all the balls, accessories, and snacks you need. They will normally have a 14-way divider, too, for easy access to all your clubs, especially with jumbo-sized grips. Everything fits so much nicer in a cart bag with all those pockets.

What are the advantages of a Cart golf bag?

Cart bags have the most storage of any type of golf bag. With their pass-through straps and flat rubber base, they are also the most stable on the back of a cart.
Most will have a full 14-way full-length divider to arrange your clubs, and it is easy to pull them out – even if they have wide jumbo grips. Some may even have a 15-way divider for an umbrella, alignment stick, or ball retriever!

What are the disadvantages of a Cart golf bag?

They are bulkier and heavier than stand bags.
They also have no retractable legs. Whilst they can stand up when empty, with a full pocket of balls, they are likely to fall over. It may not be a problem when riding or pushing a cart on the course, but it could be on the range or practice area if there are no bag holders.

How many clubs can I carry in a Cart golf bag?

Cart golf bags will allow you to carry a full set of 14 clubs. The top layout will often be a 14-way divider too. A 15-way divider will allow one extra piece of equipment, such as a training aid.

Do Cart bags fit on Push Carts/Trolleys?

Yes, the keyword is ‘Cart’. Although Cart bags are now associated more with Golf Carts, they are designed for Push Carts as well. They fit onto a push cart even better than a stand bag which most people use. So, yes, you can join the ‘Push Cart Mafia’!

Can I carry a Cart golf bag?

Cart bags have a single shoulder strap that will get you from the car to the course but not much further!

Do Cart golf bags have legs?

No, this is the main difference between a cart bag and a stand bag.

Are hybrid golf bags more expensive than Cart bags?

They are Hybrid golf bags may come with a higher price tag compared to some cart bags due to their added features and versatility. However, prices can vary widely depending on brand, materials, and specific designs.

What’s the point of a Cart bag if a Stand bag also fits on a Cart?

The Cart bag is designed to be strapped into a cart. A Stand bag could turn sideways and move around during the ride, possibly scratching the bag via the strap and the stand legs against the cart.
A Cart bag will also have more storage, so you can carry virtually anything you need for 18 holes!

Consider a Hybrid golf bag, which can offer you the best of both. They are a little heavier than a stand bag, but they strap in well to a cart and have virtually the same amount of storage as a cart bag and the all-important retractable legs.

and finally … my end-of-page funny golf video!

When Cart Golf Bags don’t Stand a Chance!
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